ART is made FROM rhythm

Fascinated with science, Mickey Hart cites the cosmos and neurology as sources of his inspiration.

“The original impetus for my work was cosmic in nature. I wanted to find out how to listen to the Sun, Earth, Moon, Saturn, and Aurora Borealis, and translate them into visuals. Then I realized these things cannot be born without vibrations. So I started using vibrations to create the paintings one by one. Or rather I should say, I birthed them. They were born by vibratory methods. That’s the baseline of my cosmic art.” - Mickey Hart

It took Hart several years to master his vibrational and percussive based art technique. First, he developed a vessel to capture his musically conjured vibrations and transmit them onto canvas. Mickey coined the name “Rainbow’ for this eisel innovation.

Once paint hits the canvas’ surface, the vibratory process unwinds a maze of color and light. The movement of the paint itself dripping is part of the abstract power of each rhythmic creation.